Ann B. Gordon, writer / editor

  My Background 

The health care landscape has changed quite a bit since I first started working in the field. I began my career writing about how health maintenance organizations work. Today, it's all about accountable care organizations and e-health and the future of the Affordable Care Act. The times and topics have changed, but the need for clear and understandable content remains constant. 

​I launched my freelance writing/editing career about 20 years ago after nearly a decade working for one of the nation's leading health care organizations in Boston. It was there that I first learned about the complicated and constantly evolving world of health care and health policy. Early in my career I also wrote and edited content for an environmental consulting firm and a state bar association.

I tailor my services to your specific needs and preferences, for a customized communications solution that meets your challenges and exceeds your goals. 

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  MY approach 

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