The health care landscape has changed quite a bit since I first started working in the field. I began my career writing about health maintenance organizations and the promise of new technologies. 

Today, it's all about payment reform and drug pricing, e-health and the future of the Affordable Care Act. The times and topics have changed, but the need for clear and understandable content remains constant.

Whether you need writing, editing,  "strategery," project management, or all of the above, I can tailor my services to your specific needs and preferences.

I value collaborative planning, frequent check-points and mutual trust. I have worked with many clients for years, even decades, and really love these long-term working relationships with people and organizations.  

‚ÄčAnn  B.  Gordon

writer / editor 


Call 508-561-3084 or email me, and let's talk about your communication needs and how I can help.

I launched my freelance writing/editing career more than 25 years ago after nearly a decade working for one of the nation's leading health care organizations in Boston. It was there that I first learned about the complicated and constantly evolving world of health care and health policy. Early in my career I also wrote and edited content for an environmental consulting firm and a state bar association.