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Ann B. Gordon, writer / editor

Precision Editing

Skillful editing can turn a B- draft into A+ content that reaches readers and holds their attention. 

My Services

Writing is hard.

 hire a professional. 

Say WHat You

Want To Say

I've been writing clear, unfussy and engaging content for more than 20 years. I can write about almost any topic, but I specialize in health policy and health care. My strength is making complex material accessible and understandable. 

My clients range from Washington-based think tanks to provider organizations. Together we work to communicate effectively about quality improvement, patient safety, accountable care, health information technology, cost containment, childhood obesity, cultural competency, and much more.  

Research and Writing

​Well-written content built on solid research and expert interviews is read, shared, and remembered.

communications strategy

Where, when and how you 

communicate is as important as

what you communicate.

Project Management 

Effectively managing interviews, incorporating feedback from reviewers, and overseeing final content development is all part of good writing.